Wood, Dan wrote:

> There is a tangled web of issues here.  With the community fix we get a 
> corrupted page(invalid redirect ptr from indexed item).  The cause of that is:
> pruneheap.c:
>                   /*
>                    * Check the tuple XMIN against prior XMAX, if any
>                    */
>                   if (TransactionIdIsValid(priorXmax) &&
>                           !TransactionIdEquals(HeapTupleHeaderGetXmin(htup), 
> priorXmax))
>                           break;
>       chainitems[nchain++] = offnum;
> The priorXmax is a multixact key share lock,

Uhh, what?  That certainly shouldn't happen -- the priorXmax comes from

                        priorXmax = HeapTupleHeaderGetUpdateXid(htup);

so only the XID of the update itself should be reported, not a multixact
and certainly not just a tuple lock XID.

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