On Wed, Oct 4, 2017 at 6:46 AM, Alvaro Herrera <alvhe...@alvh.no-ip.org> wrote:
> Wong, Yi Wen wrote:
>> My interpretation of README.HOT is the check is just to ensure the chain is 
>> continuous; in which case the condition should be:
>> >                 if (TransactionIdIsValid(priorXmax) &&
>> >                         !TransactionIdEquals(priorXmax, 
>> > HeapTupleHeaderGetRawXmin(htup)))
>> >                         break;
>> So the difference is GetRawXmin vs GetXmin, because otherwise we get the 
>> FreezeId instead of the Xmin when the transaction happened

As you know, on version 9.4+, as of commit 37484ad2a, we decided that
we are "largely ignoring the value to which it [xmin] is set". The
expectation became that raw xmin is available after freezing, but
mostly for forensic purposes. I think Alvaro should now memorialize
the idea that its value is actually critical in some place

> I independently arrived at the same conclusion.  Since I was trying with
> 9.3, the patch differs -- in the old version we must explicitely test
> for the FrozenTransactionId value, instead of using GetRawXmin.

Obviously you're going to have to be prepared for a raw xmin of
FrozenTransactionId, even on 9.4+, due to pg_upgrade. I can see why it
would be safe (or at least no more dangerous) to rely on
HeapTupleHeaderGetRawXmin() in the way mentioned here, at least on
installations that initdb'd on a version after commit 37484ad2a
(version 9.4+). However, I'm not sure why what you propose here would
be safe when even raw xmin happens to be FrozenTransactionId. Are you
sure that that's truly race-free? If it's really true that we only
need to check for FrozenTransactionId on 9.3, why not just do that on
all versions, and never bother with HeapTupleHeaderGetRawXmin()?
("Sheer paranoia" is a valid answer; I just want us to be clear on the

Obviously any race would have a ridiculously tiny window, but it's not
obvious why this protocol would be completely race-free (in the event
of a FrozenTransactionId raw xmin).

Peter Geoghegan

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