Brent Dearth <> writes:
> Is there an issue tracker I could be looking at to follow along on the
> progress on this issue?

This email thread is pretty much it ...

Current status is that I've filed a bug report with Apple and am waiting
to see their response before deciding what to do next.  If they fix the
issue promptly then there's little need for us to do anything.

If you want to help move things along, it would be useful to run some
experiments and see if there's a way to ameliorate the problem short of
the brute-force answer of disabling copy_file()'s pg_flush_data() call.
One thing that occurs to me is that even a 64KB file copy buffer is pretty
small on any modern machine.  If we were to up that to, say, 1MB, does
that help any?  See COPY_BUF_SIZE in src/backend/storage/file/copydir.c.

                        regards, tom lane

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