Robert Haas wrote:

> Regarding nomenclature and my previous griping about wisdom, I was
> wondering about just calling this a "partition join" like you have in
> the regression test.  So the GUC would be enable_partition_join, you'd
> have generate_partition_join_paths(), etc.  Basically just delete
> "wise" throughout.

If I understand correctly, what's being used here is the "-wise" suffix,
unrelated to wisdom, which Merriam Webster lists as "adverb combining
form" here (though you
have to scroll down a lot), which is defined as

1 a :in the manner of  * crabwise * fanwise
  b :in the position or direction of  * slantwise * clockwise
2 :with regard to :in respect of * dollarwise

According to that, the right way to write this is "partitionwise join"
(no dash), which means "join in respect of partitions", "join with
regard to partitions".

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