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> No, I'm arguing that they're just bits. Show the bits, rather than
> interpreting what is displayed. Document that there are other logical
> states that are represented as composites of contradictory/mutually
> exclusive states.

/me shrugs.

I think it's perfectly sensible to view those 2 bits as making up a
2-bit field with 4 states rather than displaying each bit
individually, but you obviously disagree.  Fair enough.

>> I guess it ends wherever we decide to stop.
> You can take what you're saying much further. What about
> pretty strongly undermines the idea that these composite values are
> abstractions.

HEAP_MOVED is obviously a different kind of thing.  The combination of
both bits has no meaning distinct from the meaning of the individual
bits; in fact, I think it's a shouldn't-happen state.  Not sure about

> pg_filedump doesn't display HEAP_XMIN_FROZEN, either. (Nor does it
> ever display any of the other composite t_infomask/t_infomask2
> values.)

I can think of two possible explanations for that.  Number one, the
tool was written before HEAP_XMIN_FROZEN was invented and hasn't been
updated for those changes.  Number two, the author of the tool agrees
with your position rather than mine.

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