2017-10-18 22:01 GMT+02:00 Nico Williams <n...@cryptonector.com>:

> It'd be nice if SECURITY DEFINER functions could see what user invoked
> them, but current_user is the DEFINER user, naturally, since that's how
> this is done in fmgr_security_definer().
> I was thinking that fmgr_security_definer() could keep a global pointer
> to a linked list (with automatic nodes) of the save_userid values.  Then
> we could have a SQL function for accessing these, something like
> pg_current_user(level int) returning text, where level 0 is
> current_user, level 1 is "the previous current_user in the stack", and
> so on, returning null when level is beyond the top-level.
> This seems like a simple, small, easy patch, and since I [think I] need
> it I suspect others probably do as well.
> Thoughts?

there is a function session_user() already



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