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> On Wed, Oct 18, 2017 at 02:13:29PM -0700, David G. Johnston wrote:
> > > More useful than this, for me, would be a way to get the top-most user.
> >
> > That would be "session_user"?
> It's not quite since there's a difference between SET SESSION
> But yes, it's what I'm using now.

​True, though at that point the superuser who wants to cover their tracks
could probably just edit your functions...​

> Really?  Why?  I mean, there's an implicit function invocation stack
> already.  Reifying some bits of the function call stack is useful.  I
> can't think of how this particular reification would be dangerous or set
> a bad precedent.

​Nothing concrete...​

> Hmmm, oh, I forgot about GET DIAGNOSTICS!  The stack is already exposed
> to SQL.  Maybe we could add a CURRENT_USER item to GET STACKED

Ideally if implementing what you describe we'd want it accessible from any
procedural language​, not just pl/pgsql.

Also, GET STACKED DIAGNOSTICS is documented as being exposed only within an
exception handler.

> > If I was in position to dive deeper I wouldn't foreclose on the stack
> idea
> > but I'd be inclined to see if something else could be made to work with
> > reasonable effort.
> I would think that the more general approach, if easy enough to
> implement, would be better.  I can (and will) live with using
> session_user instead of current_user, for now.  But I'm willing to
> contribute a patch

​I'd probably expose the stack as an array...

David J.

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