Hello people,

            We are implementing in-memory index. As a part of that, during 
index callbacks, under CurTransactionContext, we cache all the DMLs of a 
transaction in dlist(postgres's doubly linked list).

            We registered transaction callback, and in transaction pre-commit 
event(XACT_EVENT_PRE_COMMIT), we iterate through all cached DMLs(dlist) and 
populate in my in-memory data structure.

           --> For detailed explanation of our implementation, please look 
into below thread.


           --> It was working fine until I was greeted with a segmentation 
fault while accessing dlist!


           --> On further examining I found that dlist head is not NULL and 
it is pointing to some address, but the container I extracted is pointing to 
0x7f7f7f7f7f7f7f5f, and I was not able to access any members in my container.


            From the above wiki, we came to a conclusion that the memory 
context in which that dlist was present was freed.

            And yes CLOBBER_FREED_MEMORY is enabled by passing --enable-cassert 
to enable asserts in my code.

           --> Normally the memory context inside XACT_EVENT_PRE_COMMIT is 
TopTransactionContext but in this particular case, the memory context was 
'MessageContext'. Little unusual! Not sure why!

           --> So basically CurTransactionContext shouldn't get freed before 
transaction COMMIT.

           --> So what has actually happened here??? Kindly help us with 
your insights!

For your reference, a code snippet of our implementation is pasted below:

Sample code snippet:

/*** Code snippet starts ***/

dlist_head DMLInfo = {{NULL, NULL}};



      old_context = MemoryContextSwitchTo(CurTransactionContext);


      GraphIndex_InsertInfo *current;

      current = (GraphIndex_InsertInfo *)palloc(sizeof(GraphIndex_InsertInfo));

      current->tableOid = tableOid;

      current->subTransactionID = GetCurrentSubTransactionId();

      current->colValue = (long)values[0]; // Varies with column type

      current->ctid = ctid;

      dlist_push_head(&DMLInfo, &current->list_node);



      return TRUE;


static void GraphIndex_xactCallback(XactEvent event, void *arg) 


      GraphIndex_Table *tableInfo;

      GraphIndex_InsertInfo *current;

      dlist_iter iter;

      switch (event) 


              case XACT_EVENT_PRE_PREPARE:

              case XACT_EVENT_PRE_COMMIT:





                          dlist_reverse_foreach(iter, &DMLInfo)


                                current = 
dlist_container(GraphIndex_InsertInfo, list_node, iter.cur);

                                DMLProcessingFunction(current); // This is 
giving me the ERROR (while accessing members of current)


                          DMLInfo.head.next = NULL;





                   /* Do cleanup */




             case XACT_EVENT_ABORT:

             case XACT_EVENT_PARALLEL_ABORT:

                  /* No cleanup Necessary(No structure created) */







/*** Code snippet ends ***/


G. Sai Ram

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