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> Thanks for the response,
> Can you check if CurTransactionContext is valid at that point?
> Any Postgres function to check if CurTransactionContext is valid or not?
> To see, if this problem is related to CurTransactionContext, can you try to
> populate the list in TopMemoryContext and see if that works.
> Did you mean TopTransactionContext?

No, I mean what I have written.  I suspect in your case
TopTransactionContext will be same as CurTransactionContext because
you don't have any subtransaction.

> As of now, we don't free our dlist. We solely depend on Postgres to free our
> dlist while it frees the TopTransactionContext. But if we do allocate in
> TopMemoryContext, we need to take care of freeing our allocations.

Can't we do it temporarily to test?  I am not suggesting to make this
a permanent change rather a way to see the reason of the problem.

> And one more issue is, we found this bug once in all the testing we did. So
> trying to replay this bug seems very difficult.

Oh, then it is tricky.  I think there is a good chance that this is
some of your application issues where you probably haven't used memory
context as required, so probably you need to figure out a way to
reproduce this issue, otherwise, it might be difficult to track down
the actual cause.

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