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> I propose a  new database object - a variable. The variable is persistent
> object, that holds unshared session based not transactional in memory value
> of any type. Like variables in any other languages. The persistence is
> required for possibility to do static checks, but can be limited to session
> - the variables can be temporal.
> My proposal is related to session variables from Sybase, MSSQL or MySQL
> (based on prefix usage @ or @@), or package variables from Oracle (access
> is controlled by scope), or schema variables from DB2. Any design is coming
> from different sources, traditions and has some advantages or disadvantages.
> The base of my proposal is usage schema variables as session variables for
> stored procedures. It should to help to people who try to port complex
> projects to PostgreSQL from other databases.

Very interesting.  I hope I could join the review and testing.

How do you think this would contribute to easing the port of Oracle PL/SQL 
procedures?  Would the combination of orafce and this feature promote 
auto-translation of PL/SQL procedures?  I'm curious what will be the major road 
blocks after adding the schema variable.

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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