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>> Because I don't want to break the current user semantics. that is,
>> currently it's guaranteed that the subsequent reads can see the
>> committed result of previous writes even if the previous transactions
>> were distributed transactions. And it's ensured by writer side. If we
>> can make the reader side ensure it, the backend process don't need to
>> wait for the resolver process.
>> The waiting backend process are released by resolver process after the
>> resolver process tried to resolve foreign transactions. Even if
>> resolver process failed to either connect to foreign server or to
>> resolve foreign transaction the backend process will be released and
>> the foreign transactions are leaved as dangling transaction in that
>> case, which are processed later. Also if resolver process takes a long
>> time to resolve foreign transactions for whatever reason the user can
>> cancel it by Ctl-c anytime.
> So, there's no guarantee that the next command issued from the
> connection *will* see the committed data, since the foreign
> transaction might not have committed because of a network glitch
> (say). If we go this route of making backends wait for resolver to
> resolve the foreign transaction, we will have add complexity to make
> sure that the waiting backends are woken up in problematic events like
> crash of the resolver process OR if the resolver process hangs in a
> connection to a foreign server etc. I am not sure that the complexity
> is worth the half-guarantee.

Hmm, maybe I was wrong. I now think that the waiting backends can be
woken up only in following cases;
- The resolver process succeeded to resolve all foreign transactions.
- The user did the cancel (e.g. ctl-c).
- The resolver process failed to resolve foreign transaction for a
reason of there is no such prepared transaction on foreign server.

In other cases the resolver process should not release the waiters.


Masahiko Sawada
NTT Open Source Software Center

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