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Emre Hasegeli <e...@hasegeli.com> wrote:

> > If we want to save this behavior, we should somehow pass a stopword
> > to tsvector composition function (parsetext in ts_parse.c) for
> > counter increment or increment it in another way. Currently, an
> > empty lexemes array is passed as a result of LexizeExec.
> >
> > One of possible way to do so is something like:
> > CASE polish_stopword
> >     WHEN MATCH THEN KEEP -- stopword counting
> >     ELSE polish_isspell
> > END  
> This would mean keeping the stopwords.  What we want is
> CASE polish_stopword    -- stopword counting
>     WHEN NO MATCH THEN polish_isspell
> Do you think it is possible?

Hi Emre,

I thought how it can be implemented. The way I see is to increment
word counter in case if any chcked dictionary matched the word even
without returning lexeme. Main drawback is that counter increment is

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