Hello Pavel,

I hope so I fixed all mentioned issues.

Patch applies with a warning:

 > git apply ~/psql-graw-2.patch
 /home/fabien/psql-graw-2.patch:192: new blank line at EOF.
 warning: 1 line adds whitespace errors.

Otherwise it compiles. "make check" ok. doc gen ok.

Two spurious empty lines are added before StoreQueryTuple.

Doc: "If <literal>+</literal> is appended to the command name, a column names are displayed."

I suggest instead: "When <literal>+</literal> is appended, column names are also displayed."

ISTM that you can remove "force_column_header" and just set "tuple_only" to what you need, that is you do not need to change anything in function "print_unaligned_text".


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