2017-11-10 16:38 GMT+01:00 Fabien COELHO <coe...@cri.ensmp.fr>:

> Hello,
> Maybe I'm missing something, but it looks that it could be made to work
>>> without adding another boolean.
>> The tuples only cannot be disabled, because then other parts print number
>> of rows
>> postgres=# \pset format unaligned
>> Output format is unaligned.
>> postgres=# select 10 as a, 20 as b;
>> a|b
>> 10|20
>> (1 row) ----<<<<<
> Argh. Too bad.
> I'm not at ease with having two bools which nearly mean the opposite one
> of the other but not exactly... however I'm not sure that there is a
> simpler way out of this, some exception handling is needed one way or the
> other, either within the header or within the footer... Maybe the whole
> topt logic should be reviewed, but that is not the point of this patch.

I don't think so it is not correct - this mean tuples only + header.
Probably the best implementation is something three state - all, tuples
only, tuples only and header. But it mean much more changes in psql logic -
not adequate to size of this patch

> So I switched the patch to "ready for committer".

Thank you very much



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