Robert Haas <> writes:
> I decided to try instead teaching the planner to keep track of the
> types of PARAM_EXEC parameters as they were created, and that seems to
> work fine.  See 0001, attached.

I did not look at the other part, but 0001 looks reasonable to me.
I might quibble with the grammar in the generate_new_param comment:

- * need to record the PARAM_EXEC slot number as being allocated.
+ * need to make sure we have record the type in paramExecTypes (otherwise,
+ * there won't be a slot allocated for it).

I'd just go with "need to record the type in ..."

Also, I wonder whether the InvalidOid hack in SS_assign_special_param
requires commentary.  It might be safer to use a valid type OID there,

                        regards, tom lane

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