Andrew Dunstan wrote:

Tom Lane wrote:

OK, so let's yank the file altogether and see what happens.

I can make a cut at fixing the makefiles based on removing references to
DLLINIT, but it might be better if someone who's in a position to test
the results on Windows did the patch ...

Something has broken Cygwin in the last 18 days ;-(


I will have a look to see if 8.1 works with ripping this out.

On REL8_1_STABLE sources commenting out the DLLINIT definition in Makefile.cygwin works just fine. Same goes for Win32/HEAD/Makefile.win32. I just did complete (unreported) buildfarm run with these changes made, so I think ripping that out should work.

Meanwhile, I'd like to know how to fix the Cygwin build on HEAD. I suspect it was the MSVC "improvements" that did it.



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