On Tue, 11 Jul 2006, Bruce Momjian wrote:

Andrew Dunstan wrote:
Marc G. Fournier wrote:

If this is chosen as the preferred path, we could get the list bot to
add "Reply-To: pghackers" in pgsql-patches postings to help push
discussions there.  I'd vote for doing the same in pgsql-committers,
which also gets its share of non-null discussion content.

that is a very easy and quick change ... but wasn't doing that brought
up before and alot of ppl were against that?

If nobody objects within, say, the next 24 hours ... ?  I'll enabled
that one both ...

Don't be surprised if there are objections - this is one of those things
like emacs vs vi that stirs up religious debate.

If we change Reply-To:, does it prevent replies to the original author?
If so, that seems like a problem, particularly if they are not
subscribed to the patches list.

The Reply-To: header is added to other heads ... in Pine, at least, I have the option to honor, or disregard, the Reply-To ... I generally honor it, but there is nothing stop'ng someone from disregarding it, and sending to the original poster ...

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