On Tuesday 11 July 2006 16:33, Josh Berkus wrote:
> Robert,
> > I really don't see how this will actually cause you any extra effort, but
> > if you want to plug my name on there after you move it, that's fine with
> > me.
> I meant "maintain" it, not just leave it there to age like a bad cheese.
>   If it's going to be dead code, it can do so in the FTP /old section
> and the CVS archives easily enough.

I'm not going to actively maintain it, my intrest is just in exposing the 
information so that others might find it.  Putting it on foundry gives it a 
chance at finding an active maintainer... leaving it in the archives of CVS 
will guarantee you don't get one.  Since most people seem comfortable with 
that, so be it. 

Robert Treat
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