On Tuesday 11 July 2006 15:53, Josh Berkus wrote:
>    I'll grant that tips
> > doesn't look like much more than an article stub... it should probably be
> > moved to the new techdocs rather than pgfoundry.
> That was what I started to do.  Unfortunately, the README is
> instrucitons for some SQL and code files which are missing.   I don't
> see any value in Techdocs for instructions that can't be followed.

The information for the sql / code is embedded within the readme. It probably 
should be broken out into multiple files.  That might make it project worthy 
rather than article worthy. 

> > Perhaps no one knew they needed to speak up... perhaps people couldn't
> > even find them in contrib... how many people still ask if we have full
> > text indexing? contrib isn't exactly the most visible place...
> >
> > All I am saying is that it couldn't hurt to put the information out
> > there... we're not hurting for disk space and none of this stuff appears
> > inherently wrong, just outdated, but it might still prove useful for some
> > people.
> Again, it's the same question.  If *you* want to be the maintainer, I'll
> put it on pgfoundry.  Otherwise, you're asking me to be responsible for
> the code because you don't want to throw it away.

I really don't see how this will actually cause you any extra effort, but if 
you want to plug my name on there after you move it, that's fine with me.  

Robert Treat
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