When someone downloads the PostgreSQL server on Windows... we know
they're probably going to be using ODBC... so we should ship it; but
which one?  How do we determine which one as a community?

Actually, this comes back to another scenario... There has been a longstanding practice of letting distribution handlers deal with all of this.

E.g; PostgreSQL is the core database. Anything external can be packaged by someone else.

This is the whole reason mammothpostgresql.org exists.

Eventually we need to evolve a little bit and tackle these types of
issues; I don't think gborg or pgfoundry are the best places for
high-profile, commonly used PostgreSQL drivers, PLs, or functions.

Well that would certainly depend on the goal of the project.

To me, it is not a big deal if we do or don't include PL/Java because we will include it in mammothpostgresql.org.

What is a mistake to me, is including two projects that provide near functionality.


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