Aside from obviously the big issue of who maintains all the pgfoundry
stuff, I also think that the PostgreSQL family would benefit from a
distribution that is more "and the kitchen sink" style. I do not know
exactly if Bizgres could be considered just that? Or maybe it could get
promoted to be that?

Lukas, that is what is :)


Joshua D. Drake

What I mean is I think it makes absolute sense to keep a very stable,
very well maintained core PostgreSQL distribution which is that anyone
should base their distributions on. However I do think that PostgreSQL
is missing out in getting new users aboard that are in the early stages
of evalutation and simply only consider features that they get along
with a default installation (mostly due to lack of better knowledge
about places like pgfoundry). For these kinds of users it would make
sense to provide a distro that has an extended feature list, while
sacrificing maybe a tiny bit of stability because it adds modules that
do not adhere to the same high level of maintaince as PostgreSQL core does.


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