Marc G. Fournier wrote:

Yeah, but if PostgreSQL decides to endorse one monolithic distro in the way I described it could give that project hopefully the necessary lift. And the ultimate goal is obviously that some of those newbies coming by way of the monolithic distro turn into people that bring ressources to the PostgreSQL platform/ecosystem.

Should Linus endorse (or does he?) one distro of Linux, or should they not live on their own merits?

Well right now PostgreSQL endorses the core distro. I guess similar to the Linux Kernel by Linus. However the difference is that Linux has a huge market share, whereas PostgreSQL is continuously complaing that MySQL is inferior yet way more popular. Maybe MySQL's popularity is not even PostgreSQL's goal, but I am sure a bit more would be welcome.

So yes I think right now it would make sense to endorse a monolithic distribution.


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