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Tom Lane wrote:

The right way to proceed is what was mentioned in another message: work
harder at educating packagers about which non-core projects are worth
including in their packages.  I have to confess contributing to the
problem, as I'm not currently including eg. Slony in the Red Hat RPMs.
I certainly should be --- but "fixing" that by pushing Slony into the
core PG distro is not a solution.

Well, there are other good reasons not to in the slony case.

But anyway, I was wondering if we could make life easier by providing a script which would fetch some set of addon features, and make building the whole lot together easy.

No doubt some people will not want to make choices, but I think we need to, to some extent. I broadly agree with what Martijn has just said, although I doubt that pgFoundry's Top Downloads section is much of a guide. If we recommend something we need to be prepared to exerciase some jusgement and have the courage of our convictions.

Personally, I would start with:

jdbc driver
odbc driver
python stuff (not sure which, as I don't use it)

The perl and php clients, and libpqxx would also be possibilities.

Just a thought, but if one of the big beefs is ppl not finding out about things, why not just add a simple README.addons to the distribution, and have it so that when a 'make install' is finished, the last thing that happens is this get 'less'd to their screen?

The thing is, this whole discussion is moot *except* as far as packagers are concerned, or the ones that download from ftp.postgresql.org and build from source ... a packager is going to split all those individual 'extras' off into seperate packages, or, I imagine, in alot of cases, not do *anything* with them as its not within their realm of interest ...

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