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Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
There has been action to clean up and remove some contrib modules, and this is good. I would like to suggest that we should try to move one or two the other way, namely right into the core proper, on the ground that they have widespread applicability and should have maximum visibility. I'm talking particularly about pgcrypto and tsearch2, and the main thing lacking that I see with these is documentation.

I don't see a strong need for moving pgcrypto into core, and there's at
least one argument against it: if someone needs a crypto-free version of
postgres for use someplace with benighted laws, they would be screwed.

Could that be handled with a configure option?

tsearch2 is functionality that definitely should be in core eventually,
but even Oleg still says it's not done.  Aside from the documentation
issue, it's not clear that we've got a stable API for it.

Well, that's a pity. This will be the 4th release with it in contrib, IIRC. I know it's advanced stuff, but surely it has to settle down sometime.

Quite apart from anything else, it's important that we do get better docco on these modules.



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