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. multiple values clauses for INSERT

Susanne Ebrecht <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> was last heard to work on
it.  Updates, Susanne?

I've talked to Susanne today and she's just back from hospital and not available online until next week. She was working on the SET (col1, col2) = (val1, val2) syntax for UPDATE commands.
Don't know what the status is on this, though.

Not the same thing, surely. So maybe we should gratefully accept Joe Conway's offer to work on it.

I've played with this a bit now, and the grammar changes seem pretty straightforward, but the other half is kind of ugly. I can't see a good way to propagate multiple targetlists that isn't a big hack.

The best way might be to fabricate a selectStmt equiv to
"SELECT <targetlist> UNION ALL SELECT <targetlist>...",
but that still feels like a hack.

Have there been any past discussions on how this might be implemented (FWIW I couldn't find any in the archives)? Any better ideas for an approach?



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