Anyone have an opinion on the portability of the regular expression
functions defined in POSIX 1003.2,
?  In particular, do you know of any platforms we support that don't
have them?

The reason I'm asking is that to convert pg_regress into C code
we need some regex functionality, and the easiest way to get that
would be to assume that the C library has it ;-).  In Magnus's
draft patch he assumed that we could link src/backend/regex/*
into pg_regress, but I think that's a really bad way to go.
Even though that code is mostly independent of the rest of the
backend at the moment, it seems highly unlikely that we'll keep
it so forever --- regc_locale.c in particular needs to tie into
whatever solution we wind up using for general locale support.

Plan B would be to kluge up some quick-and-dirty code to handle
just the small subset of regex syntax that we actually use in
resultmap ...

                        regards, tom lane

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