Hello Andrew,

Thanks a lot!
There is a pgpass file and it contians the password:
D:\Documents and Settings\admin\Application Data\postgresql\pgpass.conf

My installation is on: D:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\8.1\

Maybe it got automatically created by pgadmin3 ?

Looking into the documentation delivered with pg ("PostgreSQL and
pgAdmin Help") there is a page about the pgpass file,
but there is not hint to environment variable pgpassword or the
pgpass-file on the page of pg_dump, maybe you can add it ?
In the documentation page of psql there is a hint to the pgpass file.


Andrew Dunstan wrote:

Are you sure you don't have a pgpass file, or the environment variable PGPASSWORD set?



Thomas Bley wrote:


I already tried to mail [EMAIL PROTECTED] but my message was stalled.

Version: 8.1.4 (binary for win32)
OS: Windows XP SP2

I type: pg_dump -h localhost -U postgres database_name and there is no
question for the password.

I haven't made changes to pg_hba.conf. I'm logged in as user "admin",
not "postgres", the password is not empty.

my pg_hba.conf:

# ...

# IPv4 local connections:
host all all md5

without the -h localhost, I get the same (complete) dump http://www.postgresql.org/docs/current/static/sql-createtable.html

SHOW hba_file;
gives me:
d:/program files/postgreSQL/8.1/data/pg_hba.conf
(I only have one file named pg_hba.conf on my computer.

I tried again with "pg_dump -U postgres -W database_name" when I enter
the right password it passes, with the wrong one it denies me, without
the "-W" it lets me pass.

thanks and bye,

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