Just a general question - I submitted a patch for contrib/cube (adding a new function & converting everything from V0 to V1), what is the process from here onwards? Do we have an active maintainer of this code? How is it reviewed?

I would like to continue working on the cube stuff, as our company uses it heavily and has developed a core library of functions that we use regularly. I would love to be able to add these back to the Postgres project, but I'm not sure about what the guidelines are for contrib. I have noticed comments elsewhere about contrib packages being removed because they didn't follow guidelines, so I don't want to fall foul of that line, but I am not sure where the line is.

I noticed that one of the regression tests now fail, as the original regression test expects a certain ordering from a query that doesn't request ordered results. Should I fix the test case so that ordering will be assured? Should I add test cases for most of the functions that currently aren't being tested?


Josh Reich

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