Peter Eisentraut wrote:

I would prefer to drop the PG_ prefixes on PG_TRACE and pg_trace.h. We know which software we're dealing with.

I also agree with Martin & Tom to keep the PG_ prefixes.

We should probably move the probes file to a subdirectory. Anyone know a good place?

Also, again, the pgsql prefix should be dropped.
To keep it consistent with the header file, perhaps it can be renamed to pg_probes.d

Certainly doable, but will that be more reliable? Can't we convince dtrace to create binaries for the host platform by default?
The user needs to have the flexibility to build a 32 bit PG binary even when he run the 64 bit kernel. If I understand you correctly, your suggestion will not allow a 32 bit binary to be built on a 64 bit OS.

3)  When using --enable-depend, "gmake clean" removes all *.d files,

I'm working on renaming the dependency files.


Thanks Peter for your help!


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