Ühel kenal päeval, R, 2006-07-21 kell 20:00, kirjutas Chris Campbell:
> The documentation [1] says this about On-line backup and point-in- 
> time recovery:
> > If we continuously feed the series of WAL files to another machine  
> > that has been loaded with the same base backup file, we have a "hot  
> > standby" system: at any point we can bring up the second machine  
> > and it will have a nearly-current copy of the database.
> Is this possible today in a stable and robust way? If so, can we  
> document the procedure? If not, should we alter the documentation so  
> it's not misleading? I've had several people ask me where to enable  
> the "hot standby" feature, not realizing that PostgreSQL only has  
> some of the raw materials that could be used to architect such a thing.

We have written a management script that manages the setup und failover
procedures. It is a part of the SkyTools package we announced at the
postgresql conference in Toronto.

We failed to put it up on PgFoundry during the code sprint (it took a
whole day to enable the project there :( ) and have not had enough time
to do it after coming back. But it will be on PgFoundry eventually.

Marko has the details if you need it faster

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