Tom Lane wrote:
Mark Kirkwood <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Scale factor 10 produces an accounts table of about 130 Mb. Given that most HW these days has at least 1G of ram, this probably means not much retrieval IO is tested (only checkpoint and wal fsync). Do we want to try 100 or even 200? (or recommend scale factor such that size > ram)?

That gets into a different set of questions, which is what we want the
buildfarm turnaround time to be like.  The faster members today produce
a result within 10-15 minutes of pulling their CVS snaps, and I'd be
seriously unhappy if that changed to an hour or three.  Maybe we need to
divorce compile/regression tests from performance tests?


We could have the system report build/regression results before going on to do performance testing. I don't want to divorce them altogether if I can help it, as it will make cleanup a lot messier.



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