Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> What do you want to hear? I have my emails in correspondence asking
> for the relicense and the approval to submit.
> Is there something specific you are looking for?

Either the author is going to abandon development, then it might make 
sense to pick up the pieces within the PostgreSQL source tree.  But 
then I'd like to see a specific statement to that effect from him on 
this list.  (I have no reason to believe that he is abandoning, FWIW.)

Or the author is agreeing to continue maintenance within the PostgreSQL 
source tree.  Then he should personally talk to us about arranging 
commit access.

If it's neither of these, that is, he will continue to maintain PL/Ruby 
by himself, and we're just going to copy code back and forth, then 
we're going to have the pgaccess nightmares all over again, which no 
one is looking forward to.

Peter Eisentraut

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