Greg Stark asked:
> I know Oracle calls this "online" index builds. In fact it 
> works similarly
> with a single keyword "online" tacked on near the end of the 
> create index
> statement.
> Anyone know what MSSQL or DB2 call it?

I have to live with MSSQL at work, and I didn't remember anything like
this, so I looked up the syntax for CREATE INDEX
f/ts_tsqlcon_6lyk.asp), and I can't find anything that gives the user
control over this. The closest is this note in the remarks:

        Backup and CREATE INDEX operations do not block each other. If a
backup is in progress, index is created in a fully logged mode, which
may require extra log space.

It sounds to me like they fall back to 'online' index creation if a
backup is in progress, but give the user no control over it. I also
looked in the settings and didn't see anything relevant.

Paul Bort

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