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And also for AND-s of several indexes, where indexes are BIG, your btree
indexes may be almost as big as tables but the resulting set of pages is

Yeah, Hannu points it out very well -- the bitmap index works very well when
columns have low cardinalities and AND operations will produce small number
of results.

Also, the bitmap index is very small in low cardinality cases, where the
btree tends to take up at least 10 times more space.

The smallness of the bitmap index also means that some queries will require much less work_mem to achieve good performance e.g consider:

 TPCH dataset with scale factor 10 on my usual PIII HW, query -
 select count(*) from lineitem where l_linenumber=1;

This executes in about 100 seconds with work_mem = 20M if there is a bitmap index on l_linenumber. It takes 3832 seconds (!) if there is a btree index on the same column. Obviously cranking up work_mem will even up the difference (200M gets the btree to about 110 seconds), but being able to get good performance with less memory is a good thing!



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