Tom Lane wrote:
> Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Where are we on these TODO items:
> >           o Allow point-in-time recovery to archive partially filled
> >             write-ahead logs [pitr]
> I believe we'd agreed that the necessary infrastructure for this is
> just a function to tell the current WAL segment name and offset.

Yes, perhaps, though I can envision a GUC that does regularly partial
archiving.  I will add a question mark to the item.  In fact, the
description has more details:

          o Allow point-in-time recovery to archive partially filled
            write-ahead logs? [pitr]

            Currently only full WAL files are archived. This means that the
            most recent transactions aren't available for recovery in case
            of a disk failure. This could be triggered by a user command or
            a timer.

> >           o Automatically force archiving of partially-filled WAL files when
> >             pg_stop_backup() is called or the server is stopped
> I see no need for that to be "automatic".  I'd vote for a simple
> function pg_finish_wal_segment() or something like that, which you
> call just after pg_stop_backup() if you want this behavior.  Trying
> to tie it into pg_stop_backup() will only make things more complicated
> and less flexible.

I assumed we would have a function like pg_finish_wal_segment(), and
server stop and stop_backup would call it too, the reason being, it
would greatly simplify our documentation on how to use PITR if these
were done automatically.

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