Bort, Paul wrote:
> The Linux kernel changed to the standard years ago. And that's just a
> few more lines of code than PostgreSQL. (
> and others )

For your entertainment, here are the usage numbers from the linux-2.6.17 

kilobyte (-i)   82
kibibyte (-i)   2
megabyte (-i)   98
mebibyte (-i)   0
gigabyte (-i)   32
gibibyte (-i)   0

KB              1151
kB              407
KiB             181
MB              3830
MiB             298
GB              815
GiB             17

So I remain unconvinced.

Of course, your general point is a good one.  If there are actually 
systems using this, it might be worth considering.  But if not, then 
we're just going to confuse people.

Peter Eisentraut

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