> Forcing people to use a specific casing scheme is just going to lead  
> to confusion and user frustration. If there's not a very solid

I guess nobody will force people to use the units at all. 

> *functional* argument for it, we shouldn't do it. Wanting to enforce  
> a convention that people rarely use isn't a good reason.

But if you implement a new feature, history shows that it will stay like
that forever. So if in 5 years everybody will use the ISO stuff, and
postgres will want to do the same, then the users you don't want to
confuse now will be forced to change their config files or be completely
confused. Or it will be as with everything else, an early arbitrary
decision sets everything in stone.

And I do find confusing all these ambiguous meanings of K,G etc., and I
think ISO is the right way to clear out the confusion at the cost of
some inconvenience until the users get used to it. For postgres that
would mean no user resistance anyway, as the possibility of specifying
the unit is new, so who knows about it must have read the docs first,
and the docs must specify the units you can use.

Just my 2c.


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