Peter Eisentraut wrote:
Bort, Paul wrote:
The Linux kernel changed to the standard years ago. And that's just a
few more lines of code than PostgreSQL. ( and others )

For your entertainment, here are the usage numbers from the linux-2.6.17 kernel:

kilobyte (-i)   82
kibibyte (-i)   2
megabyte (-i)   98
mebibyte (-i)   0
gigabyte (-i)   32
gibibyte (-i)   0

KB              1151
kB              407
KiB             181
MB              3830
MiB             298
GB              815
GiB             17

So I remain unconvinced.

Of course, your general point is a good one. If there are actually systems using this, it might be worth considering. But if not, then we're just going to confuse people.
Is it worth bothering about the small deviation, if 10000 was meant, but 10k gives 10240 buffers? Isn't it quite common that systems round config values to the next sensible value anyway?


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