I just updated to the latest HEAD, so I assume I have the cube_1.out that you changed. If you look at the order of the results expected in cube.out and cube_1.out, they are different. So I don't think we have a problem with the code, we just need to fix the ordering in cube_1.out.

The same problem appears in cube_2.out -- is this used by any platform?


Andrew Dunstan wrote:

Indeed. I am going to revert it.

The trouble is we currently have several orthogonal variations, which is a worry on its own:

. negative zero
. exponent format, and
. result ordering

Looking closer, the result ordering certainly does seem odd, as you say. Surely with ORDER BY it should be deterministic. What is the rule that describes the expected ordering of cube objects?



Rocco Altier wrote:

I think this will cause breakage for other people.

Right now I think the order is unique to AIX for some reason.

Recent buildfarm run of gazelle should have matched the -0 variant
(cube_1.out), but did not.

Also, what is worrisome is that there is an ORDER BY on the result set
that is failing on AIX, so I think there might be a deeper problem
lurking here.


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another try at keeping AIX/ppc happy on cube test.

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