Can one of the Windows buildfarm owners please try building and running "make check" by hand rather than using the buildfarm script? It looks like they all stopped reporting around the same time, and this might give us a better clue about when things fall over.

Also, if you're up for it, please try reversing this patch, which looks innocuous enough, but is the only thing I can see in the relevant time period that looks at all suspicious:



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Subject:        RE: Build farm on Windows
Date:   Fri, 28 Jul 2006 13:53:18 +1000
From:   Phil Cairns <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Hi Andrew, this is yak calling from Australia.

I think I have a problem here with the HEAD build. The last few times I've
run the build, it has sat in "make check" for a long time (well over an
hour). According to the Task Manager, postmaster.exe is taking most of this
time, and it also seems to be leaking memory. After about an hour of running
today, postmaster.exe is using about 100MB of RAM, and is still busily
firing off instances of postgres.exe.

The process is hard to kill as well. It doesn't respond to a Ctrl+C in the
MSYS window, so I kill it by stopping postmaster.exe from within the Task
Manager, and it cleans things up from there.

Does this sound like something wrong with my setup? I'm pretty sure I
haven't changed anything since my last successful run 3 days ago.

All the best,

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