Tim Allen wrote:
>>>Patch included to implement xlog switching, using an xlog record
>>>"processing instruction" and forcibly moving xlog pointers.
>>>1. Happens automatically on pg_stop_backup()
>> Oh - so it will not be possible to do an online backup
>> _without_ forcing a WAL switch any more?
> Well, previously, you would have always had to simulate a wal 
> switch, by 
> working out which is the current wal file and copying that. Otherwise 
> your online backup wouldn't be complete.
> What Simon is describing sounds like a big step forward from that 
> situation. It should let me delete half the code in my pitr 
> backup/failover scripts. Definitely a Good Thing.

Certainly a Good Thing, and it should be on by default.

But couldn't there be situations where you'd like to do an
online backup without a WAL switch? To avoid generating an
archive WAL every day on a database with few changes, e.g.?

Maybe not, I'm just wondering.

Laurenz Albe

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