Robert Treat wrote:
> On Wednesday 02 August 2006 18:04, Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > I am thinking we will portray 8.2 as a release focused on usability
> > improvements.  We do have a few large features, like perhaps bit-mapped
> > indexes, but in general, the release has a lot of additions that make
> > things easier to use, rather than adding new features or performance.
> In theory I agree with you, though it would be nice to get an updated copy of 
> the release notes before we solidify that judgement. Any eta on when you plan 
> to do them up? (Yeah, I realize we haven't applied all patches yet)

Usually 1-2 weeks before beta starts.

> On a side note... has the on-disk format changed for this release? I don't 
> recall seeing anything that changed it, but could have easily missed 
> something. 

I think only the inet data types changed on-disk.

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