Tom Lane wrote:
> Andreas Pflug <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> utils/adt/misc.c says:
>> //* Disabled in 8.0 due to reliability concerns; FIXME someday *//
>> Datum
>> *pg_terminate_backend*(PG_FUNCTION_ARGS)
>> Well, AFAIR there were no more issues raised about code paths that don't 
>> clean up correctly, so can we please
>> remove that comment and make the function live finally? 
> No, you have that backwards.  The burden of proof is on those who want
> it to show that it's now safe.  The situation is not different than it
> was before, except that we can now actually point to a specific bug that
> did exist, whereas the original concern was just an unfocused one that
> the code path hadn't been adequately exercised.  That concern is now
> even more pressing than it was.

If the backend's stuck, I'll have to SIGTERM it, whether there's
pg_terminate_backend or not. Ultimately, if resources should remain
locked, there's no chance except restarting the whole server anyway.
SIGTERM gives me a fair chance (>90%) that it will work without restart.

The persistent refusal of supporting the function makes it more painful
to execute, but not less necessary.


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