<grin> Aren't I, the marketing geek, supposed to be the one whining about 

Seriously, PostgreSQL has the fastest release cycle of any RDBMS project in 
the world.  The request I'm hearing from large production users is to release 
*less* often.  So I don't find it a problem that this release has less 
"checklist" features than the last two did, and I don't think anyone else 

If all the pending features die then I might find it a stretch to write the 
press release, but otherwise, no problem.  And since when were we a 
marketing-driven project anyway?

> * In-place upgrades (pg_upgrade)

BTW, I may get Sun to contribute an engineer for this; will get you posted.

Oh, and if it makes it, Tzadhi's FULL DISJUNCTIONS patch is newsworthy.

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco

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