On Friday 04 August 2006 13:56, mdean wrote:
> Josh, percentages, like almost anything, do work in the right context,
> in this case, that of the testimonial, something postgresql hasn't
> emphasized IMHO.  If ten to 20 projects were treated as real and
> realistic case studies, with an in-depth description of the project, and
> how the NEW Postgresql effected these projects,and these were featured
> one after another, daily for an entire month, there would be major play
> in the news.  By talking in depth about specific projects, we relate to
> the actual production users own daily experiences, especiually if % can
> be translated into dollars.

The problem has never been the idea of doing more case studies, but has been 
of finding someone to do it.  Writing case studies isn't exactly exciting to 
you're average programmer, and in most cases you'd rather have them hacking 
code anyway. 

> I am just brainstorming, I lack the db expertise, but real life stroies
> are powerful creatures with a life of their own.

Sure.  Can you drum us up some advertising interns who are willing to work on 
case studies for us?  We surely have people who are interested in 

Robert Treat
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