It's possible that creating a more formal structure would aid these folk
to let the rest of us know what they're doing ... but I think it's at
least as likely that a more formal structure would just drive them away.

Well just some informal from the internal workings of CMD. Some
of this won't work with the community because of QA but...

I pretty much leave Alvaro, Alexey and Andrei (odd just realized the
three As)
alone. I watch the timeline on track to see what is going on. Once a week
I will touch base just to get the team flow going.

About once a month Alvaro will post a status to the lists that gives me
a general idea of his direction and goals. Alvaro keeps tabs on Alexey
and Andrei so that all development is done in the style of PostgreSQL.

None of this is hard and fast, and it gives the developers the cat like
they like but allows me to be comfortable with the business requirement

Obviously the business side doesn't apply here, but the "checkin" type does.

One of the items I have been toying with for us (the community) is mentors.
Basically you have a green programmer, or even a seasoned one... there are
plenty lurking on the lists. Someone like Alvaro, Neil, or Andrew offers
to mentor
a particular feature such as Enums.

Basically Alvaro or Neil could offer guidance and answer questions,
maybe be
a little more readily available for that particular email address.

Alvaro does that with Alexey and Andrei... helping insure appropriate
coding standards, giving feedback on particular implementations.

Yes people can get that on the lists, but if they felt they were getting
a little
more direct attention, it might help retain them to the community.

I am actually hoping that would help that in the long run.

Now here I think we might be on the same page.  If people pop up on IRC
or jabber or any other communication method and talk about what they're
doing, that fixes the whole problem.  I'm for adding anything that
provides an opportunity for people to talk to the community --- I'm not
for trying to force them to talk to the community, 'cause I don't think
that will work very well.
Cool well that is nice to know, I didn't get a whole lot of feedback on
the idea.


Joshua D. Drake

                        regards, tom lane

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