"Joshua D. Drake" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> As I was saying on #postgresql, the current system works well for a 
> small group of developers. I don't think there is any arguing that.

> However, there is a larger group out there, that would likely be willing 
> to contribute but we are a bit of a black box, or perhaps we are too 
> transparent?? I am not sure which.

Maybe I'm too much "on the inside", but I see the problem the other way
'round: too little visibility of what's being done by people who are not
part of the inner circle of developers.

It's possible that creating a more formal structure would aid these folk
to let the rest of us know what they're doing ... but I think it's at
least as likely that a more formal structure would just drive them away.

> I am actually hoping that jabber.postgresql.org would help that in the 
> long run.

Now here I think we might be on the same page.  If people pop up on IRC
or jabber or any other communication method and talk about what they're
doing, that fixes the whole problem.  I'm for adding anything that
provides an opportunity for people to talk to the community --- I'm not
for trying to force them to talk to the community, 'cause I don't think
that will work very well.

                        regards, tom lane

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