Tom Lane wrote:
> "Pavel Stehule" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> a,b,c := out3fce(1); -- Simultaneous assignment
> I thought we rejected that idea once already, on the grounds that it
> would make it too hard to tell the difference between intended code
> and typos.

In any case, I had some questions:

. is it compatible with PLSQL?

what I know no, but PLSQL has different mechanism for calling procedures. And first of all it knows references to variables.

. can the effect be achieved by assigning to a composite?

yes. I can use record type. But here is problem with less readability

The best of is implementation of CALL statement, where I can transmit values "by" references. But it's not possible in Postgres :-(. I can't to select unambiguously called procedure. "I can, if I accept SQL Server syntax, where caller specify OUT, INOUT, IN flags too". I am unhappy with current situation, and I search good solution. Simultaneous assignment is simplest.

Pavel Stehule

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