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> I unlike concept of nested schemats or packages nested in schema. I don't > see reason for it. About implementation.. package is more special kind of > function for me. But relation between package and function I can create via
> dot notation in function's name. It's different from nested syntax from
> PL/SQL or ADA. I can easy separate SQL part and non SQL part.

Apparently you're not aware that that syntax is not free for the taking.
The reason people are complaining about this proposal is that currently
foo.bar(...) means function bar in schema foo, and you seem to be
intending to break it.

I understand it. But I don't know better solution. Certainly foo.bar(..) is ambigous and it can mean both. ANSI SQL don't use packages and Oracle's package are unsolveable because we have separated parsers. Do you have any idea, what is good model for it?

Pavel Stehule

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