In the last exciting episode, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Markus Schiltknecht) wrote:
> I'm operating a level deeper with Postgres-R and really enjoy the
> freedom I have with C. Having to write a hook or trigger for every
> change in the database systems seems a lot of work, which I tend to
> postpone until such a thing is really needed.

The fact that GORDA is operating as a Java application seems to me to
throw a big layer of fuzziness in the way, too.

Most databases that are interesting to replicate are implemented in C
or C++, thereby implying that a suitably "deep" API needs to be
implemented in C.

In the case of PostgresQL, at least, operating in Java means that you
need to operate at "arms length" from the database, which means the
replication system is by no means tightly integrated.
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